Lifting columns

The 3D measuring devices from GFM create and project striped patterns, with which they capture entire areas at the highest speed and achieve higher accuracy than classic triangulation methods

Practical examples – Electrically driven lifting columns aid the precise and repeatable sensor positioning of modern 3D facial and body scanners

Lifting columns made by RK Rose+Krieger

The Quad-Pod scanner system with three RK Powerlift lifting systems, chair and profile camera captures and saves 360,000 measuring points

Measurement of the body

In plastic surgery and orthopaedics, the precise measurement of the body or the affected body parts is of vital importance for the corrective actions to be taken, such as orthoses, implants or liposuction, and their success. Meanwhile, modern scan techniques have replaced older methods. Their great advantage: They not only measure more quickly and precisely, but also enable the precise reproduction of the body structure.

Apart from sensor technology, the precise positioning of the sensors also plays a decisive role in the correct measurement of individual parts of the body. “We place high demands on the precise and repeatable positioning of the height adjustment, since the persons are supposed to be measured at different points in time under exactly the same conditions,” explained Dipl.-Ing. Christian Benderoth, Sales & Marketing Director at GF Messtechnik GmbH (GFM). The Berlin company has been developing, building and distributing optical 3D measuring systems and sensors, including the associated measurement and application software, for more than 15 years. The principal applications of these products are in the fields of industrial measuring technology and life science/biometrics – i.e. the scanning of human body parts.

Telescopic lifting systems for the height adjustment

For the height adjustment of its FaceSCAN 3D and BodySCAN 3D systems, GFM uses the 3-stage telescopic lifting system RK Powerlift from the linear technology specialist RK Rose+Krieger GmbH. The highly stable lifting column was developed especially for mono-column applications such as those at GFM and allows large lateral forces at travel speeds of max. 50 mm/s. As a rule, the RK Powerlift is available with 2 and 3-stage lifting columns. The 3-stage telescopic version is characterised in particular by high compressive forces of 800 or 1,600 N and tensile forces of 800 N as well as lifting speeds of 30 or 15 mm/s. The motor is integrated and particularly quiet.

Lifting columns made by RK Rose+Krieger

Even in the field of industrial meas-urement technology, GFM uses tech-nology from the RK product range: Here the scanner is being moved by a linear guide which is mounted on two Alpha Colonne lifting columns; even the columns themselves can be moved by the linear actuators

Good support

In addition to the RK Powerlift systems, the company from Minden also supplies GFM with multi-stage lifting columns from the Alpha Colonne series. These assist with the precise, infinitely variable height adjustment of the MicroCAD Premium large field sensor scanner. The guide profiles of the Alpha Colonne are exactly square and, as a result, the permitted lateral forces are identical all the way around. Compared to other systems, the additional third guide stage results in a large overlap when extended, which greatly enhances stability. But in their large field sensor, the Berlin scanner specialists not only employed RK lifting systems, but also installed linear actuators and Blocan® aluminium profiles from the linear and profile technology range of RK Rose+Krieger.

“RK Rose+Krieger supported us extremely well in the development of our systems. Initially, we were unable to synchronise the lifting columns as we intended. But with the help of the RK specialists, we eliminated this problem quickly and without any complications and realised our ideas,” said Christian Benderoth, who, in addition to the level of service provided by the Minden company and the uncomplicated operability of the systems, was also impressed by the good value for money these represented.

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