19" enclosures

Examples of 19” enclosure (19 inch enclosure) uses are in a computer centre operation and in laboratory and control systems. In contrast to all other enclosures, the 19” enclosure sizes are measured in rack units (abbreviated to U or RU) and horizontal pitch (HP). The areas of application and different versions of 19 inch enclosures allow very flexible use: At BOPLA, 19” subracks, 19” desktop enclosures and 19” subrack enclosures are available in metal and plastic. The different shapes and sizes (1 U, 2 U, 3 U, etc.) provide excellent flexibility; numerous accessory components are ideal additions to the 19” series of enclosures. By the way, advice from a specialist is essential, especially with complex 19 inch enclosure systems. Our product range also includes various services, for example the integration of touch screens and membrane keypads, in addition to mechanical processing and surface improvement.

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