Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Industrial workbenches that do not cater to the individual requirements can lead to poor ergonomic safety.

Workbenches without optimal functions such as height adjustability increase the risk of injury that impacts not just employee health, but employee productivity.

That’s why our height adjustable and bespoke workbenches are the choice of so many lean manufacturers.

The challenges of the industrial setting

The industrial work setting comes with inherent risks to staff. These can be down to the nature of equipment, workload, and assembly.

The need for leaner production is first and foremost in any manufacturing setting when it comes to optimising workflow and productivity. Staff are your biggest investment, and to ensure they are safe and healthy will promote a leaner workplace where staff work efficiently, comfortably, and to higher standards.

Illness and injury associated with poor ergonomics can include carpal tunnel, tendonitis, muscle strain, lower back injury and more even muscso-skeletal disorders. The impact on your workforce and production line manifests in the form of absence, low morale, reduced quality, and decreased productivity.

Ergonomic industrial workbenches increase productivity by reducing the physical strain on employees. By investing in a strategically designed height-adjustable workbench, you can protect the wellbeing of your staff as well as the momentum of production.

Let us introduce you to the RK Rose+Krieger height adjustable workbench.

The benefits of a height-adjustable workbench

  • Reduce lower back, neck and shoulder discomfort
  • Improved ergonomic safety
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • Greater productivity levels
  • Better quality

RK Rose+Krieger’s height adjustable workbenches are ergonomically customised, allowing you to create a harmonic workbench that works with your employee, not against them. Creating this harmony allows for optimum workflow and productivity, keeping employees protected and safe at all times.

RK Rose+Krieger supplies assembly workbenches that are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can be integrated into digital production environments as required.

The workbench can be equipped with various assistance modules in the interest of product quality. They ensure that the employee always assembles the correct components in the right order. RK Rose+Krieger works with various suppliers in the field of assistance systems (Pick-to-light, Poka Yoke, cognitive assistance systems) to supply you with the optimum solution for your application.

RK Rose+Krieger offers two different versions, a static and an electrically height-adjustable model.

Ergonomics and the optimum coordination of all workflows are key features of the height-adjustable RK Easywork workbenches from RK Rose+Krieger. This protects the well-being of employees and increases productivity.

BLOCAN® construction profiles made from aluminium and the electrically driven lifting columns offer a perfect combination for our high-quality table concepts. Customers can choose between the simplest static tables or electrically height-adjustable workbenches and configure their own combinations.

As well as ergonomics, an optimum combination of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly and inspection procedures represents the biggest challenge when designing a user-friendly workstation. Which is why RK Rose+Krieger developed its electrically height-adjustable and individually configurable workstations based on its complete modular system.

Height Adjustable Workbenches Range
Height Adjustable Workbenches Multiple
Height Adjustable Workbenches View

RK Easywork Selection assistant

The new RK Easywork selection assistant helps our customers to configure their new workstation and design bespoke workbenches.

It is easy to use and helps users design their ideal workstation in a few simple steps – without the need to download any software.

First, select the table: RK Rose+Krieger offers two different versions, a static and an electrically height-adjustable model. You can then select the correct portal to add additional components, such as lighting, grab containers, tools and power strips.

The RK Easywork workstation system is based on RK Rose+Krieger's complete modular system. We implement your ideas using our versatile RK product range.

Use our online configurator to benefit from:

  • Quick and simple operation
  • A selection of table systems and accessories
  • Immediate generation of CAD data in native formats
  • A quotations request simply based on the selected components
  • Prompt receipt of a written quotation

Updated needs for the modern worker

The modern worker comes with new expectations.

Employees are aware of the safety concerns associated with a poorly designed workbench and expect a workbench that responds to their height, needs and flexibility of requirements.

A height adjustable workbench caters to a myriad of individual needs and can significantly reduce the risk of chronic health issues. Through effective ergonomic response, you will significantly reduce the risk of injury and absence.

If you are ready to invest in a leaner future, improved production lines, and healthier employees, now is the time to explore an RK Rose+Keiger solution for you.

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