Electric Linear Actuators

Linear units / Linear actuators

Linear units / Linear actuators

As a subsidiary of the global Phoenix Mecano AG, we have unrivalled experience in the field of electric linear actuators. With an extensive product range spanning linear, profile, connecting and module technology, this highly reliable and adaptable equipment is suitable for a range of industries and functions.

If you are looking for a competent partner to help assist you with these applications, look no further than RK Rose+Krieger.

Our dedicated team will assist you from the first point of contact through to delivery, focusing closely on your individual requirements to deliver the best solution for you. Individual advice and short delivery periods are two central priorities in our customer-focused corporate philosophy. Our aim is your success, and we look forward to being your strategic partner.

The modern factory sees electric actuators used almost everywhere, in nearly every single area of automation and machine engineering. From adjustments that may be seldom required through to highly complex, precise, dynamic multi-axis systems, and heavy duty linear actuators. Every task is different. And every task requires a technically sophisticated and cost-effective solution.

Electric linear actuators are fast becoming the preferred solution due to their ability to produce smooth and safe movement with a higher level of precision. With improved accuracy compared to hydraulic or pneumatic, electric linear actuators offer a health and safety advantage.

What is an electric linear actuator?

To put it simply, an electric linear actuator is a variation of actuator device that converts rotational motion into linear push and pull motions. This is created by rotating the actuator’s screw, usually via a motor. They are most commonly used for applications where lifting, pulling or pushing heavy loads is required. So they are excellent for large scale machinery and applications where great force and precision is needed, for example, rotating or positioning loads.

Their functionality promotes a safer, cleaner movement whereby you can work with greater accuracy and precision. 

The motion they create enables workers full operational control and freedom, but they require little to no maintenance. They also have a longer lifespan than other options, and are energy efficient. Investing in an electric linear component will promote better and safer working conditions, and allow your workers to perform with smooth motion and enhanced control - a choice that makes sense for many larger scale manufacturers.

The benefits of electric linear actuators

  • Self-locking cylinders unlike hydraulic or pneumatic options give you a health & safety advantage
  • More accurate and precise than hydraulic or pneumatic alternatives
  • Reliable power source and no chance of leakage
  • Can be applied to agricultural machinery and equipment, railway technology, and special vehicle manufacturers
  • More energy efficient than other options
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Long lifespan - a great investment
  • Full operational freedom and control

This technology is suitable for a range of industries due to the scope and safety enhancements, but also, its unrivalled adaptability.

Adaptable Technology

  • assembly aids that assist with heavy loads
  • an effective support that enables greater operational freedom for those with different physical abilities
  • Application options in the field of medical technology
  • For the adjustment of audio/video devices in the business and luxury segment for the sophisticated demands of your customers

If you think this technology could be right for you, it’s common to experience some difficulty narrowing down which type of solution will produce the most optimum results.

The electric linear actuator market is saturated. But this is good news, as the likelihood is, there is a product that will cater to your specific needs.

Are you looking for a suitable electric linear actuator for your application?

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