Cylinders for Agriculture - Combine Harvester

Cylinders for Agriculture

The agricultural industry is known for its powerful, impressive, and innovative machinery. The people and machinery are the lifeblood of the industry, both working hard in unison, they deliver exceptional results and progress.

Electric cylinders will improve energy efficiency, providing unmatched benefits compared with hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives. 

A heavy-duty electric cylinder is ideal for agricultural applications. 

RK Rose+Krieger has been operating in the field of industrial automation technology for more than 40 years. Lifting columns and electric cylinders are a speciality.

Cylinders for agriculture need to be reliable. Our electric cylinders are self-locking, which means that no power is supplied when at a standstill. This makes electric cylinders for agriculture the preferred alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Powerful DC motors, signal lines, potentiometers and Hall ICs for position sensing, and integrated limit switches that respond to the most common requirements make them a reliable choice for the industry.

Electric cylinders are a very good alternative to pneumatic cylinders since they offer a higher level of precision and safety, with smoother movement and less maintenance requirements for your equipment.

Ideal for combine harvesters, feeding devices and warehouse equipment, our cylinders for agriculture can operate almost flawlessly in hard conditions, built to deal with a range of dust, dirt, vibrations and heat. 

Our range of electric cylinders for agriculture come with a range of impressive features:

●    Wide range of application and fixing options 
●    Limit switch integrated on all models 
●    Maintenance-free – due to permanent lubrication 
●    Rugged design 
●    Corrosion-protected by means of durable materials, such as aluminium and plastic
●    High max. lifting speed 
●    Integrated overcurrent protection 
●    Special, precise and adjustable stroke lengths 
●    Potentiometer 
●    Signal contacts

Electric cylinders for agriculture from RK Rose+Krieger models include:

To respond to a range of operating conditions and requirements, cylinders for agriculture need to be designed with the end result in mind. That’s why we have spent years honing the perfect solution specifically for this industry. Cylinders for agriculture need to be built with precision and power in mind. They must be built to last, since they face heavy use in difficult environments and conditions. We know this, and we have applied this knowledge to our designs and products, ensuring you have a reliable supplier to provide you with the right solutions. 

At RK Rose+Krieger, we pride ourselves on being able to constantly innovate to suit our customers’ needs, and even offer customisable and bespoke solutions. If you are interested in working with us, one of our specialists would be happy to assist. 

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