Heavy duty linear actuators

Aside from your staff, your tools and machinery will be the most powerful investments in your arsenal. So you’ll want to choose and invest wisely.

You’ll also want to be sure that such a large investment is made with a supplier who understands your requirements, can deliver exceptional quality, and will offer continued support along your journey with their products.

As a subsidiary of the global Phoenix Mecano AG, RK Rose+Krieger have unrivalled experience in this field. With an extensive product range spanning linear, profile, connecting and module technology, this highly reliable and adaptable equipment is suitable for a range of industries and functions.

If you have landed on this page, it’s likely your needs are of a larger scale, industrial standard. And as we know, large scale machinery brings a huge amount of value to your business operations.

This is where our heavy-duty linear actuators come in.

If you deal with farming equipment, railway technology or special vehicle manufacturing, you have come to the right place.

Our heavy-duty linear actuators offer unmatched power and strength for a range of large scale machinery requirements. Our products can move loads for you of up to 2.5T and up to 1m/s dynamically, reliably and with great precision

Not limited to industrial capacity, our heavy-duty linear actuators are becoming more diverse in their usage, enabling more industries to benefit from the added power they bring to the workforce and its operations.

Heavy-duty linear actuators can be used for highly complex, precise, dynamic multi-axis systems. Common applications include:

They are the preferred choice of the industry due to their enhanced precision, health and safety.

Hydraulic or pneumatic alternatives do not offer the same precision and cost-effectiveness as heavy-duty linear actuators, which can help machines run for longer, more efficiently, with less need for maintenance.

The result is less strain on your staff. And as your machines can take the heavy load, quite literally, off of your employees, it will leave them with the room to apply their knowledge, skills and expertise where they are needed most.

Heavy-duty linear actuators have an increased force capacity that enables you to safely participate in large scale operations.

Additional benefits include:

  • Self-locking cylinders offer a health & Safety advantage unlike hydraulic or pneumatic
  • More accurate and precise than hydraulic or pneumatic alternatives
  • Reliable power source and no chance of leakage

Are you looking for a suitable heavy duty linear unit, lifting column or electric cylinder for your application? The RK product finder enables you to get a quick and easy overview of our very broad product portfolio. When using the filter settings, you can further restrict the product selection and clearly compare the most important parameters using a comparison function. If you have any questions about the products, our Product Consultancy Team will be happy to assist you. Our product consultants are happy to help you with the planning and design of a customised system solution.

Our Range of Heavy Duty Linear Actuators


LZ 80

The powerful LZ 80 electric cylinder impresses with high tensile and compressive forces of up to 5,000 or 10,000 newtons. With the integrated DC motor in the 5,000 newton version, a speed of up to 13 millimetres per second can be achieved.

Due to its compact design, this industrial all-rounder also has an IP 54 or IP 65 protection rating.

There are also a comprehensive range of accessories to adapt this actuator to your specific requirements.

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SLZ 63

Thanks to its square shape, the slots in the external profile and fitting dimensions according to DIN ISO 15552, the SLZ 63 can be integrated flexibly into a wide range of customer-specific applications.

With a maximum comprehensive force of 15,000 newtons and a service life of up to 8 million double strokes, the SLZ 63 is a strong and powerful actuator for any tough environment.

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SLZ 90

The SLZ 90 heavy duty cylinder has a maximum compressive force of 25,000 Newtons, a maximum travel speed of 77 mm/s and a protection rating of IP54.

Its modular structure offers flexibility and enables the installation of different drive concepts.

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