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Ergonomic assembly workbenches increase productivity and reduce physical strain on operators

Let us introduce you to the industrial workbenches of a leaner future!

At RK Rose+Krieger, we know that the work environment needs to constantly adapt to new requirements, allowing employees to perform as effectively as they can in a range of given circumstances.

And these days, a very wide and varied range of demands are placed on manual assembly workbenches, particularly in the area of small and medium-sized series – such as those typically used in the automotive supplier market. That is why we have created a range of solutions including bespoke and configurable options.

Our industrial workbenches are the workbenches of a learner future.

Ergonomic safety and productivity

The health and safety of your staff is paramount if you are focused on maintaining great productivity and staff retention levels. Ergonomic industrial workbenches increase productivity by reducing the physical strain on employees. By investing in a strategically designed height-adjustable workbench, you can protect the wellbeing of your staff as well as the momentum of production.

Where operators are performing a series of processes for assembly, they are prone to repetitive strain injury and ergonomic challenges. An ergonomically challenged worker is an unproductive worker. Ergonomics in its entirety has been studied at length. But the relationship to productivity is undeniable.

Lean production includes a number of methods to help you achieve shorter lead times, reduce waste and optimise productivity. Our aim at RK Rose+Krieger is to support customers to achieve greater productivity, improve well-being and reach optimum levels of production.

Ergonomics and the optimum coordination of all workflows are key features of the height-adjustable RK Easywork bespoke workbenches from RK Rose+Krieger. These are designed to protect the well-being of employees and increase productivity. Because healthy employees are more productive, one of our ergonomically customised workbenches is always a worthwhile investment!

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Bespoke Workbenches

Not every production process can be automated in a practical manner. RK bespoke workbenches can be customised to meet individual requirements and optimally tailored to the respective workflows.

We can work to your own designs or you can take advantage of our in-house CAD team to create something bespoke.

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Mobile Workbenches

Experience the next level of workplace functionality with an advanced mobile workbench, equipped with the innovative Multicontrol-II Duo Accu, a rechargeable battery-operated controller. 

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The online selection assistant facilitates the configuration of your height-adjustable workstation

The online selection assistant facilitates the configuration of your height-adjustable workstation, but RK Rose+Krieger is also happy to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Our harmonic industrial workbench system

As well as ergonomics, an optimum combination of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly and inspection procedures take place at industrial workbenches.

The RK Easywork industrial workbench system delivers the perfect combination of the BLOCAN® aluminium construction profiles and the electrically powered RK lifting columns, and their incorporation in high-quality table concepts.

The RK Easywork system stands apart from similar rivals due to its flexibility – from a solution comprising standard components from the RK catalogue, through to complex, individually tailored solutions – the sky's the limit.

RK also offers a wide range of accessories, such as workplace lighting and storage systems, all from renowned manufacturers.

You can choose between the simplest static tables or configure your own special electrically height-adjustable solutions.

Our online selection assistant facilitates the configuration of your height-adjustable workbench, but RK Rose+Krieger is also happy to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Broad range of supported assistance systems

Assistance systems provide the employee with support and prevent defects during assembly. Productivity and quality are improved significantly.

Configurable solutions

RK Rose+Krieger supplies assembly workbenches which are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can also be integrated into digital production environments as required.

Not every production process can be automated in a practical manner. This applies above all to the manufacturing of complex products in small quantities with a high variability and working sequences and special solutions.

In order to be able to manufacture these kinds of products and perform these kinds of sequences efficiently, special workbenches which can be integrated into the digital working environment are required.

They not only have to relieve the employee of physically demanding or monotonous tasks, but also have to help to ensure that the working sequences in question are implemented safely and flawlessly.

The reliability of assembly also has to be guaranteed in the event of an employee change – a particularly critical factor when it comes to quality assurance.

These workbenches can be equipped with various assistance modules in the interest of product quality. They ensure that the employee always assembles the correct components in the right order. RK Rose+Krieger works with various suppliers in the field of assistance systems (Pick-to-light, Poka Yoke, cognitive assistance systems) in order to be able to supply you with the optimum solution for your application.  Assistance systems can provide employees with support and prevent defects during assembly, so that productivity and quality will be significantly improved.

If you are ready to invest in a leaner future, improved production lines, and healthier employees, now is the time to explore an RK Rose+Keiger solution for you.

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