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Mobile Workbenches - Transform Your Workspace

RK Rose + Krieger introduces a state-of-the-art mobile workbench, innovatively enhanced with the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu, a rechargeable battery-operated controller. This strategic integration redefines the standards of productivity and mobility in the UK's industrial landscapes.

Central to our mobile workbench is the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu, which delivers unmatched control and energy efficiency. Its battery-operated design is crucial for consistent performance in demanding industrial settings, particularly where access to power is intermittent. This feature greatly improves the workbench's versatility and dependability.

Multicontrol-II Duo Accu Features for mobile workbenches

The design of our mobile workbench prioritises ergonomic considerations, augmented by the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu. This controller makes the workbench easier to manoeuvre and reduces physical strain, essential for those who spend long hours at their workstations. It promotes comfort and helps prevent injuries.

Tailored for a variety of industrial applications, from manufacturing and engineering to workshop use, our mobile workbench stands out for its adaptability. Equipped with advanced storage solutions and customisable modules, its functionality is significantly enhanced by the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu controller.

Discover the impactful synergy of the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu in RK Rose + Krieger's mobile workbench, and see how it can elevate efficiency, ergonomics, and productivity in your workspace. Experience the benefits of this innovative combination and the transformative effect it can have on your operational efficiency.

Easy Movement with Wheels or Castors

Our mobile workbenches are engineered for effortless relocation. Equipped with durable wheels or castors, they can be easily moved to any location within your workplace, even where power sources are unavailable.

Mobile workbench with adjustable height
Mobile bench with motor and storage try

Height Adjustment with Battery-Operated Actuators

Experience the convenience of adjustable height settings, powered by a rechargeable battery-operated controller. This feature ensures an ergonomic work experience, adaptable to every user's needs.

Adaptable for Various Tasks

From assembly to repairs, the Multicontrol-II Duo Accu mobile workbench provides a stable and ergonomic surface for a wide range of industrial tasks.

Customisable Storage Options

Choose from drawers, shelves, or louvre boards to create the ideal storage solution for your tools and supplies.

Mobile workbench with storage for tools
Multicontrol-II Duo Accu diagram

Intuitive MultiControl II Duo Accu Controller

Our new controller is ideal for mobile systems in intralogistics and assembly workbenches. It allows for easy mobility, ergonomic adjustments, and can be integrated into complex mobile systems.

Battery Efficiency and Durability

The battery-operated version offers high performance with up to 150 double strokes per charge and standby times of up to 15 days. Additionally, our dynamic duty cycle calculation ensures no fixed pause times, maximising efficiency.

Overload Protection

Featuring standard duty cycle, overcurrent, and temperature monitoring, our mobile workbench ensures safe and reliable operation at all times.

User-Friendly Interface

Operate effortlessly with a hand switch featuring a graphics-capable display, designed for intuitive use.

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