EMC Coatings

Phoenix Mecano can give you competent advice and assistance when you need to protect your electronics against external influences. We offer three methods to give you the required level of protection.

  • copper-chrome-nickel deposition
  • aluminium deposition
  • painting with conductive copper lacquer

In all those cases in which the above-mentioned processes do not provide adequate screening, the fitting of contacting seals can provide additional screening protection. If necessary because of customer-specific requirements and the type of enclosure, we can recommend or specify, and supply, such special seals.

If components, modules or the complete electronics are at risk of being affected by any kind of interference, an additional and effective method of screening involves equipping such parts with an internal metal encapsulation. An increase in the level of screening protection can also be achieved with such a metal enclosure by means of the methods described above.

To complete the EMC protection measures, the cable inlets can be supplied with suitable plastic or metal cable glands with the possibility of attaching the cable screening to the enclosure earthing connection.

Screening for aluminium enclosures

Because of their material, aluminium enclosures offer a certain level of EMC protection. However, for optimal EMC applications, it is necessary to fit the joints (groove-spring) with suitable conductive seals. However, in this case, note that the coats of lacquer need to be bridged. This can be done by means of suitable conducting seals and by removing the layers of lacquer. The extent of the work involved must be determined when the requirements are clarified.

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