The aluminium cable channel from RK Rose+Krieger has many useful features that ensure easy handling

BLOCAN® aluminium cable channel

RK cable channels – Fast assembly and perfect organisation

The cable channels from RK Rose+Krieger's BLOCAN® modular profile system make organising your cable installation a piece of cake. An easy-to-open cover and flexible assembly/separating strips facilitate both installation and organisation of cables in the cable channel. The cable channel profiles made of anodised aluminium are available in three different sizes and can be either wall-mounted or fixed directly on aluminium profiles from the BLOCAN® range .

BLOCAN® cable routing offers sufficient space for all kinds of image, data, audio, control and electric cable – there's even space for hoses. The covered cable channels made of aluminium are available in sizes 40, 40x20, 40x80, 80x40 and 80x80, either as a six-metre bar or cut to size. On request, RK Rose+Krieger can also pre-drill the cable routing profile for mounting.

Der Deckel des Kabelkanals ist nach oben oder über einen Drehpunkt zu öffnen

The cover of the cable channel can be opened by lifting or pivoting it.

Cable channel with easy to open cover

The cover of the cable channel can either be removed by lifting it upwards or pivoted open by up to 90° along the length of the channel. Optionally available insertable spring strips hold it in any position required without impeding subsequent installation of cables in the channel.

Trennstege schaffen Ordnung im Kabelkanal

Separating strips create order in the cable channel

Separating strips ensure perfect order in the cable channel

Flexible assembly/separating strips made of plastic facilitate overhead installation. Fitted inside the cable channel, they prevent installed cables from falling out or serve to separate hoses, signal lines and electric cables. Key feature: The strips can be opened at any time to allow the installation of further cables.

Assembly of the cable channel
Einfach Profilbefestigung durch Montageclip

Simple profile fastening using assembly clips

Easy assembly (without machining) with BLOCAN aluminium profiles

As a unique new feature, we also now offer our aluminium cable channels with pre-drilled mounting holes. This enables fast attachment of the channel to a BLOCAN® profile slot by means of a pivoting mounting clip.


Yet another example of the RK Rose+Krieger product philosophy – drill-free connections! Simply cut the aluminium profiles to length and assemble them.

Potentialausgleich als Zubehör lieferbar

Equipotential bonding kit available as an accessory

Equipotential bonding

An equipotential bonding kit is available as an accessory and can be inserted directly into the slot of the aluminium profile.
A self tapping screw in the cover then enables the establishment of an electrically conducting connection.

Cable arrangement made easy
Federstreifen halten den Deckel in Position

Spring strips hold the cover in position

Insertable spring strips hold the cover in position

The optionally available spring strips hold the cover open in any position, so it can remain attached to the cable channel instead of having to be put to one side. If the cable channel is installed horizontally (wall-mounted), the cover opens downwards and stays in a horizontal position, allowing it to be used as a tray for pre-assembling cables and hoses.

Montagestege erleichtern die Überkopfmontage deutlich

Assembly strips make overhead installation considerably easier

Assembly strips facilitate overhead installation

Press-fit separating strips for insertion in the cable channel are also among the accessories available, allowing the separation of hoses, signal lines and power cables. The sophisticated design also makes it easier to lay several different cable assemblies. A flexible assembly strip prevents the installed cables from falling out, and can be opened at any time to allow the installation of further cables. This is particularly advantageous for overhead installation.

Kabelkanal aus Aluminium

Aluminium cable channels