Linear units / Linear actuators

Linear units / Linear actuators

Linear units / Linear actuators

These days, linear units are used in almost every single area of automation and machine engineering. From simple adjustments that may be seldom required right up to highly complex, highly precise and highly dynamic multi-axis systems. Every task is different. And every task requires a technically sophisticated and cost-effective solution.

Linear units with screw drive for simple through to highly dynamic adjustment tasks
Linear units with screw drive are used primarily when tasks involve comparatively high axial shearing forces and/or highest precision is required.

Linear units with timing belt for dynamic handling tasks
Linear actuators with timing belt drive are designed for high dynamics and large travels and are primarily used for Pick & Place applications, where high repeatability in short cycle times is key.

Linear units with rack and pinion for large stroke lengths
Linear units with rack and pinionare primarily used where loads are required to travel larger stroke lengths with high positioning accuracy and high dynamics.

Using our standard accessories, the linear actuators can be easily combined to create multi-axis systems. Our product consultants are happy to help you with the planning and design of a customised system solution.