More comfort in hospital beds

Patients and nursing staff are satisfied: Dewert's versatile MEGAMAT 12 high-performance drive with extended functionality is designed for adjusting the height, back and foot sections of hospital beds. It enables the desired position to be reached in a fast yet comfortable manner. The MEGAMAT 12 has a higher push force of up to 8,000 N and a pulling force of 4,500 N: ideal for hospital beds that are under heavy loads. The MEGAMAT12 hospital beds also operate at a very low noise level of less than 50 dB (A) during movement, which ensures even more comfort. Patients and nursing staff can get safe and exact positional feedback at any time from the drive.

As a manufacturer of motorized adjustable hospital beds, you also benefit from the small MEGAMAT 12 single drive. The stroke pipe and guiding profile are made of aluminium and provide excellent stability within the compact design. The MEGAMAT 12 can be quickly and easily mounted on the bed frame and requires little space. In addition, it can be easily retrofitted into existing systems as a replacement for standard drives.

Compatible for use with hospital beds that are cleaned in wash tunnels
Hospital beds are now often being decontaminated and cleaned in modern wash tunnels. The MEGAMAT 12 can remain attached to the hospital bed throughout this cleaning process. Optionally featuring IPX6(w) protection, this single drive is fully suitable for washing tunnels. This saves a lot of time and simplifies the workflows in hospitals or care facilities.

Outstanding safety for motorized adjustable hospital beds
Another special feature of the "ER" version of the MEGAMAT 12 is its integrated manual emergency lowering (emergency release) function, whereby the bed moves the patient quickly into a horizontal position. Thanks to a Bowden cable connection, nurses are able to react swiftly in the event of an emergency.

Configuration options with added value
Upon request, the MEGAMAT 12 can be individually customized for your hospital beds. The configuration options include a stroke pipe and gear clevis made from die-cast zinc to further increase the stability and strength. Further options, depending on your configuration, include a safety limit switch, a plug-in motor cable and a mechanical spindle limit stop.

An overview of the key features

  • High pressing and pulling forces
  • Fast adjustment speed
  • Low noise level
  • Optionally washable in wash tunnel
  • Built-in manual emergency lowering
  • Compact and stable construction
  • Many configuration options
  • The versatile and affordable drive that further enhances our proven MEGAMAT technology and offers many configuration options.

Standard configurations

Performance data

Adjustment load

Max. 6000 N push force (5000 N with ER), max. 4500 N pull force

Adjustment speed

Max. 48 mm/second
Max. 6 mm/second (at 6000 N)

Stroke length

Max. 300 mm (at 6000 N press force)
Max. 450 mm (at 4000 N press force)
Max. 500 mm (at 2000 N press force)

Fitting dimension (B)

Min. 163 mm + stroke (minimum installation dimension of 260 mm with ER)

Control type

Direct circuit

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Motor voltage

maintenance-free 24 V DC motors

Protection degree


Limit cut-off

via micro-switch

Stroke pipe clevis

Bore hole: 10/12 mm slot: 5/8/10 mm

Gear clevis

rotatable (8 x 45°) bore hole: 10/12 mm slot: 5/8/10 mm

Stroke pipe

Aluminium, infinitely rotatable

Guiding profile

Untreated aluminium

Housing colour

grey RAL 7035

Supply line

Grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 425 mm, LSP plug
Grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, LSP plug
Grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 700 mm, 8-pin DIN plug
Grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, 8-pin DIN plug

Extra configurations

Position detection

Hall sensor

Stroke pipe

Anodized aluminium, powder-coated steel

Guiding profile

Anodized aluminium

Motor cables

Pluggable (pigtail)

Protection degree

IPX6, IPX6(w)


Stroke-pipe/gear clevis in die-cast zinc

Safety options

Safety limit switch, additional limit switch, mechanical spindle end stop, safety spindle nut

Additional data

Protection class


Relative air humidity

30% to 75%

Ambient temperature

+ 10 °C to + 40 °C
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