High-performance double drive for comfort beds
Stable, powerful, low-maintenance and sustainable: our OKIMAT 4 IPSe combines all the advantages of modern drive technology for comfort beds. The quick adjustment speed ensures fast, infinitely variable adjustment to the desired comfort position. Users can easily bring the electrically adjustable beds to their desired position using the remote control. With a pressure of up to 5.500 Newton per side, our OKIMAT 4 IPSe is well suited for heavy comfort beds. The integrated triple electronic overload cut-off mechanism protects the double drive from overuse – thus ensuring safe operation. The motors are maintenance-free.

Multiple control options for outstanding comfort
The many available options for configuring our OKIMAT 4 IPSe deliver maximum convenience and operational versatility. The operating options range from the simple (a cable handset) to state-of-the-art radio remote and Bluetooth® controls. When using our HE150 controller, an external learning feature is also available in addition to the radio remote and Bluetooth® options. The radio remote or Bluetooth® controllers can optionally be added to the double drive. With a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the bidirectional radio remote controller is completely immune to interference; it can even be operated simultaneously as the only radio controller without problems. For the Bluetooth® controllers, OKIN provides a free App for iOS or Android operating systems on smartphones and tablets. This allows users to easily adjust their box spring beds using the device most familiar to them. All systems have an optional position-reset function. Users of box spring beds are not powerless in the event of a power failure: a connected nine-volt battery enables a return to the sleeping position to be carried out at any time without any mains power needed.

Sustainable and unobtrusive design for comfort beds
Our OKIMAT 4 IPSe complies with the Eco-design Directive. As such, it helps us to implement our belief in sustainability directly in our comfort beds. The power consumption in standby mode is less than 0.5 watts. In order not to disturb the design of the box spring beds, our double drive has an unobtrusive appearance even when it is fully configured. The colour of the enclosure is a simple, timeless and elegant black. The snap-on adapters for our modular control systems – such as the RF-Basic, RF-ECO BT or HE150 – give the peripherals a reserved appearance.
Our OKIMAT 4 IPSe is manufactured exclusively in Europe in compliance with our high quality standards and is certified according to the relevant test standards: EN 60335-1, EN 55014-1 and EN 55014-2.

Standard configurations

General data

Max. adjustment load per side

5500 N

Max. torque

396 Nm

Adjustment speed at 5500 N

3,8 mm/sec

Stroke length of back section

69 / 74 / 87 mm

Stroke length of leg section

69 / 74 / 87 mm

Fitting dimension, length

708 mm

Fitting dimension, height

105 mm

Fitting dimension, centre distance

581 -+ 1 mm

Fitting dimension, spindle diameter

25 mm

Duty cycle

2/18 min

Duty cycle

10 %

Switching cycles, max./min


Protection degree


Protection class


Relative air humidity

20-95 %

Ambient temperature

0 to +40 °C

Mains power connection

230-240 V/AC


Electronic overload switch-off


Direct / integrated RF/BT

Motor voltage

24 V DC




Limit cut-off


Housing colour

Black RAL 9005

Connection options


Cable handset
- Pluggable radio remote control (2.4 GHz bidirectional)
- Pluggable Bluetooth® control unit for iOS and Android
- Pluggable control unit (HE150) with radio wave, Bluetooth®, memo, massage and MFP port
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