Linear unit EPX-II KG with ball screw drive

Linear unit EPX-II KG with ball screw drive

EPX-II KG – twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

Whether occasional or a dynamic movement – with the linear units of the EP(X)-II product line RK Rose+Krieger provides robust solutions for precise positioning of medium to high loads in any installation position. The company from Minden has now expanded its innovative line to include twin-tube linear units with ball screw drive. The new EPX-II KG linear units are highly precise, provide maximum flexibility, and are 100% compatible with the existing EP(X) product range.

Highly precise

The new high-precision EPX-II KG linear unit is the successor to the tried-and-tested COPAS actuator from RK Rose+Krieger. Unlike the "normal" EPX linear actuator with hollow shaft and slide guide, the ball screw version has polished solid shafts with ball linings. This makes for more accuracy for dynamic movement and precise positioning in continuous operation, and guarantees smooth running and a particularly long service life.

The EPX-II KG compensates high bending moments for manual and motor-driven adjustment, and has a duty cycle of 100%. Moreover, it impresses with low tolerances for torsion-free installation surfaces (straightness = 0.2 mm).

Maximum flexibility

EPX-II KG linear units easily put away medium and high loads and give the user a free choice when it comes to the installation position. They can be equipped with either a short or long carriage. The "Protect" version of the EPX-II KG is equipped with optional bellows to protect the actuator. It thus achieves protection class IP 40. Multiple fastening options in the end elements – including two tapped holes in the faces – facilitate vertical installation on base plates and make it easier to connect accessories.

100% compatible

The new linear actuators are compatible with previous EP/EPX units and the accessories from the line in all functional sizes, outer dimensions and screw pitches. Even applications which use older models can be optimised using the new twin-tube linear actuators, without any constructional effort. In the process, it is not necessary to replace the accessories, such as handwheels or positioning indicators.

Actuator adjustment is preferably performed with servomotors. When doing so, almost all types from any number of manufacturers can be adapted. Special tapered lubrication nipples on both sides of the carriage facilitate lubrication of the linear units in any carriage position. As a result, it is not necessary to move the units into a particular maintenance position or to remove any fittings. The central lubrication accelerates and simplifies maintenance and makes for more safety.



  • Identical connection sizes as previous version   
  • X-version possible via connecting plate and external guide table
  • Combination of EPX II 40 KG and EPX-II 40 trapezoidal thread is possible


  • Standard- and long carriage
  • Protect: with bellows and protection class IP 40
  • Second free-running carriage
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Twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

Twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

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