BoPad – more than just a hand-held enclosure

BOPLA's new series of BoPad enclosures was optimised, among other features, for the integration of touch screens and displays.

BoPad – more than just a hand-held enclosure

With its BoPad series of electronics enclosures, BOPLA has developed modern-styled enclosures for the integration of membrane keypads, touch screens and displays.

The new electronics enclosure is coordinated specially to meet the requirements of mobile hand-held devices which are used in demanding conditions. However, by using BoPad enclosures, it is not only mobile devices which can catch the eye – variants for desktop applications or accessories for wall mounting are also available.

The BoPad enclosures are supplied in five basic sizes and two colours (black and white). Of course, as always with BOPLA, special colours are also available on request. In addition, the user can choose between inclined and flat BoPad variants, with or without a battery compartment. The two “large” BOP 7.0 and BOP 10.1 BoPad enclosure versions have been optimised for the integration of touch screens and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with the standard 18650 shape. This allows devices with touch operation to make use of standard components, which makes them especially cost-effective and user-friendly. In contrast to the three “small” versions, the two-hand design - horizontal format – contributes to this feature.

In order to allow the integration of membrane keypads and touch screens, all BoPad hand-held and console enclosures have a recessed section in the lid. Their polished frame creates a high-quality appearance and protects the operating surface. The enclosures offer IP40 ingress protection as standard, but this can be increased to as high as IP65 at any time  – including at a later date if required.

Practical accessories

The optionally retrofittable design seals in four colours (white, black, signal red, signal blue) for enclosures and battery compartments ensure that the high level of ingress protection is visible from the outside, so it acts as an additional design feature. Coloured impact protection for the hand-held enclosure is available as an optional extra. In this case, the user can choose between black, signal yellow, signal red and signal blue. With enclosure versions BOP 7.0 and 10.1, impact protection and the basic enclosure have ergonomic recessed grips which make them especially comfortable in use.

For use as a wall-mounted enclosure, BOPLA offers a new VESA-standard wall fitting. By using this standard accessory – it can also be used as an accessory for other enclosure series – a BoPad can easily be converted to a wall-mounted enclosure. The innovative snap-lock mechanism has a compact design which makes possible wall-clearance of only 7 mm. Enclosure sizes BOP 7.0 and 10.1 already have a moulded-in VESA 75 fixing on the back, so mounting of the wall fitting is possible at any time. In this way, the BOP 900 enclosure can be used as a wall-mounted enclosure, although here mechanical processing is necessary. Screw covers and special holders for 18650-shape Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are also available as accessories.

By the way: As an example of available services, integration of capacitive touch displays under a high-quality glass front using the optical bonding process can take place in-house at BOPLA. The liquid glueing of both components creates a high-quality look and mechanical stability, and at the same time optimal functionality of the capacitive touch system.

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Flat or inclined variants

Flat or inclined variants

Variants with and without battery compartment (up to size BOP 900)

Variants with and without batterycompartment (up to size BOP 900)

Optimised for the integration of touch screens and Li-Ion rechargeable battery system 18650 (BOP 7.0 or BOP 10.1 resp.)

Optimised for the integration of touchscreens and Li-Ion rechargeable batterysystem 18650 (BOP 7.0 or BOP 10.1 resp.)

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